To whom it may concern:

My name is Jennifer McCallum. I am an Australian living in New South Wales where I am a wife and mother to four wonderful children. For the purposes of this letter, I will spare you further details, but one of those children, Daniel Robinson, was fathered by Larry Norman. And, for the last few years before his death earlier this year, and in the immediate aftermath of his passing, I have fought a losing cause to get recognition for my son, Daniel, by either Larry or the Norman family.

I want to say from the outset that it was never my intention to hurt Larry's memory or to cause any pain for the family. But last night, I got a call from my son who was in the throes of a very dark moment, and he spoke of committing suicide. Daniel and I have fought this battle long enough by ourselves. I am writing this to enlist your assistance in obtaining some justice for Daniel.

Larry Norman and I came together in the late 1980s when he was on tour in Australia. He had been a friend of my family. I had been married before and had three children with my first husband, and I had done some concert promoting for him toward the mid to late 1980s. Suffice it to say that we came together at a time when both our marriages to our respective spouses had ended. I became pregnant with Daniel during a ten week tour that included Russia. The last time I saw Larry before Daniel was born, he knelt to kiss my very pregnant belly and reassured me he would be back in Australia for the birth. He promised my family and I that we would one day be together as a family in America, and that he would take care of us all. I didn't see Larry again for five years. It was the only time that I ever saw him again after that, and only one of two times that our son Daniel spent any time with his father.

In 1994, Larry arranged for a month-long visit for Daniel and I to come to California. Larry spent about a week's time with Daniel, taking him to Disneyland and some other attractions, and again, promising us that when things got a little bit better financially, he would bring us over to America to live. I spent most of my adult life believing that Larry would come through on his promises. Sadly, it has been a bitter pill to swallow.

It has been tremendously difficult for my son to grow up without a father. You can't imagine the questions that a little boy has about his famous father who lives in America and sings songs about Jesus, but has no time for him. Daniel has had to deal with a lot in his young life because of this, and my heart breaks when I think of all the pain that could have so easily been avoided. It was even harder to watch how Larry doted on his other son, Michael. Why was my son so mistreated when this son was so seemingly beloved?

There was a very long period of time when there was absolutely no contact between us and Larry. I got tired of the endless broken promises, and came to realize that he was incapable of being a true father. I could say more, but I will hold my tongue for now.

When Daniel turned twelve years old he began to start to ask some questions about his dad and really became anxious to meet him. As you can imagine, he had a lot of questions for him. When he was about fifteen, Daniel got on the Internet and wrote a letter to an early version of an Internet chat board that Larry had on his website. The very next day that chat board had been taken down. But Larry emailed Daniel and they started to correspond.

I wish I could say that things went well. They did not. Larry pretended to want to see Daniel and spent countless hours compiling lists of endless requirements that he needed from Daniel before they could find a good time to get together. When Daniel didn't do exactly as those requirements suggested, Larry then turned the tables on Daniel and announced that it was his fault that they couldn't get together, that Daniel had somehow been the one to cause the rupture in the proceedings. He told Daniel that he was a mistake, that it was our fault that his career had gone sour, and seemed to blame me for trying to contact people in America to get his attention when Daniel was sick in the hospital and we desperately needed medical information from the birth father. This silliness went on for a good two years, from about 2005 until just before Larry passed on. From my vantage point, Larry seemed more concerned with the damage that Daniel's appearance could do in his life than actually taking responsibility for him. He vacillated between denying paternity, calling me all sorts of names, and then turning around and being affectionate and caring, telling Daniel he would send him presents (which he did on very rare occasions).

Of course, all of this was completely confusing to my son. Why treat your own flesh and blood like this? What is wrong here? And worse of all, because of the tenderness of that age, someone as young as Daniel was cannot help from feeling partly responsible for what was taking place. This has had a devastating affect upon his self-esteem, and it has been a constant state of worry for me.

In 2006, Larry's friend Randy Stonehill and his wife Sandi came to town. Daniel waited sheepishly in line to speak with Randy, and was very skittish about approaching him to tell him who he was. Daniel had never been accepted as being Larry's son and has always been told to just keep quiet about it. But Randy and Sandi sat with us for a couple of hours after the concert and listened to Daniel's story. They seemed genuinely interested in us and what had happened. And for Daniel, it was one very rare moment of acceptance amidst a lifetime of rejection.

In 2007, Daniel was in England visiting one of his siblings when he emailed Larry and told him that he was going to come and see the concert and meet up with him. By this time, Daniel's nerves were frayed and he did not have much sympathy left for Larry, having been so mistreated by him when all he wanted to do was make contact with his father. Needless to say, that meeting did not go well. Daniel returned from that visit pretty much willing to let it go. He had come to an uneasy peace that for whatever reason, Larry was unable to give him any of himself and had chosen to turn away from him. Months later on the night we received the news that Larry died, Daniel had emailed a long letter to Larry telling him that he had forgiven him. We are pretty sure that Larry never received the letter. But it was important for Daniel to write it. He collapsed in my arms when I told him that Larry had died, and for about two weeks he was a shell of his former self. There will always be a hole in my son because of this situation, and it is a very unfortunate thing that still mystifies me as to why Larry did not accept Daniel as his own.

When Larry died earlier this year we emailed the Norman family, telling them of our plight and wondering whether they could fly us to the funeral. Perhaps that was a bit much. I don't know. But we felt that perhaps now with Larry having passed, things between Daniel and the family could become official, and he could be welcomed into their midst. Only a few short weeks ago, we saw some daylight. We received an email from the family saying that they were shocked at this revelation, that Larry had told none of them about Daniel, and that they would pay for a DNA test within 48 hours and that if Daniel was indeed Larry's son, they would fly both of us up there to meet the family and take part in a memorial service. Finally, we were making headway.

Two weeks went by. No word. Then we received an email from the Norman's lawyer stating that if we could provide them with a birth certificate, then they would talk. Otherwise, they wanted to be left alone. We were devastated. Larry never signed Daniel's birth certificate. He went AWOL from Daniel's life, and never wanted to ever take responsibility for him. Here again was the closing of the wall, the great wall of secrecy that always surrounded Larry and everything that he did. I used to believe that, as he told me over and over and over again, that because of who he was, there were people out to get him. I do not believe this now. Larry Norman was no victim. He caused great devastation in my family and in my life.

Daniel and I have contributed to a documentary on Larry's life put together by a friend of our family that will come out later this year. You will want to see this film because for the first time you are going to see what some of us have known for a long time, that the manner in which Larry Norman portrayed himself to the Christian community was in total contrast to the way that he lived. My son and I are victims of a Christian community that doesn't understand the difference between justice and forgiveness. My family has been traumatized because nobody listened, nobody cared, and nobody would take up our cause.

Again, I am not writing this out of any attempt to hurt the family or diminish Larry's memory. But the truth here is very dark and disturbing. I am asking your assistance to help me get the Norman family to offer Daniel what is rightfully his. Please email this letter to any newsgroup or chatboard or other person that you know. If media outlets wish to contact me, that would be fine. I need assistance here to obtain what is rightfully Daniel's. This isn't about whatever money there may be (if any). It is about seeking justice... Larry is dead. But Larry promised Daniel acceptance. He promised that part of the hole in my son's heart would be filled by acknowledgement that his father was who he was, something that has been up to this point robbed from him. This is about a mother's heart for her child, wanting that simple acceptance to be known as the child of the father who gave him life. This is a fight for Daniel to be recognized, to have some sense of who he is. Thanks for reading.

As the Normans are not responding to our pleas for a DNA test through our repective lawyers, our legal fees are escalating.

We have been informed by the DNA clinic, that a 3 way test is required.... one for myself,Daniel, and either some DNA from hospital samples from Larry, or from one of Larrys relatives.

Along with legal fees, we are looking at approx $3,000. Aus to be able to pay for these tests to be done.I am really sad that that the Normans are behaving like this.

They are going to be really sorry when they realise they are hurting their own flesh and blood... but then I guess it never bothered Larry enough to do anything about it. Please contact me at for more information.

Jennifer McCallum

April 28, 2008

NSW, Australia

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Financial update

Just to let the people know that we have a lawyer in Salem, who is talking with the Normans lawyer.
There is a DNA clinic appointed in both Salem and also in Victoria, Australia.
The DNA test required is actually a 3way test... myself, Daniel and either a sample from Larrys hospital, or a family member.
As we are required to employ legal staff to assure that this whole procedure is done honestly, we are looking at approximately $3,000. Aus.
At present we only have $350. of donated moneys for this to happen.
This is a serious project, that requires some assistance from friends and concerned listeners/readers.
Many thanks to the people who have contributed so far.... we never wanted to ask for financial help, but we have come to the end of our recources, due to the Normans not responding to all of our pleas for recognition, the legal fees are mounting.


Anonymous said...


Would you address the comments of Charles Norman, that Larry Norman was never in Russia in the 1980s or 1990s?

I'm not trying to add to your pain, just want to know the truth.

Thank you --

Rick said...

yes, Larry WAS in Russia in 1988. he went there with Charles Norman and the Finnish band Q-Stone. It's well documented in the video "The Night Before The Fall". This video is out of print but watchable on YouTube (

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.

Blessings to all of you --

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth .. I believe you.

Anonymous said...

These comments are for Daniel.
Daniel, like you, I come from a "complex" parenting situation. My birth mother, who left when I was a toddler and now lives in Australia, has basically stopped communicating with me - claiming that my Christian beliefs intimidate her (?).
The man who raised me, who I consider to be my father, claims that he is not, biologically speaking, and I'm left wondering who exactly I belong to.
The answer to that question is the same for me as it is for you. You are God's child. As a father, He is without peer and regardless of whose DNA you carry, He will ALWAYS be faithful and true to every promise He makes to you. When everything else is shaken and crumbles, He and His love for you will remain.

Phil 1:9-11


Tor said...

Dear Daniel and Jennifer.

Thank you so much for your sad story. First of let me tell you: I believe you.

I want to bless Larry’s memory even though it is quite a shock, for a long time fan, to find out that he had such a low life personality. Like you say Daniel, there was such a distance between Larry’s words and his deeds. And this seems to be a family tradition... Larry did as his family did and family does as Larry did. Larry clamed to be a follower of Jesus... Jesus said – you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Well there is not much truth / freedom – in rejecting your own son… And it seems his family does the same – reject there own blood…

To the Normans:
Shame on you Charles Norman… shame on you Norman family…
Do you call yourself followers of Jesus? Then stop lying and do what is right – according to Jesus words. The longer you wait to put things right, the harder it gets. And your conscience will plague you until you do what is right.

Dear Daniel. It is not nice to have a family that rejects you. And it is not worth fighting for - fighting your way into a family, who do not want to know of your existence. So my advice would be – drop the case.

Maybe there is someone reading this – a good fearing man – who could become a step in dad for Daniel. What do you say – Daniel? Would that be an option for you? My heart goes out to you – you never had a father that accepted you – and now he is gone. You need someone to fill that place in your life – and give you fathers love (in two censes).

God bless you, Tor (Denmark)

Todd S. said...

First of all, I do not consider myself a big LN fan. I have had friends that were, but I did not appreciate all of his music as much as they did. However, I have been watching this situation that you are in. It is complicated and I do not know if I would do much better in your position. I am trying to look at this from a outside perspective. I do believe that you are telling the truth and your son is Larry’s son. It seems to be pretty easy to come to this conclusion with a minimal of research. The things that I would like to focus on are your goals. (Oh great, another person questioning my motives) People develop goals in situations like these but sometimes because of their emotions, they act in contrast to where they really want to go. And sometimes their goals cannot really be achieved anyway, in reality.
When I first saw your campaign, I was pretty sure that it was the money that was motivating you for your son. After all, Larry may have left a decent asset behind (his record company and customer base). And this still may be the bottom-line. I have never heard you state that you would refuse any money from the estate if there were any for your son to receive. Creditability comes to people when they make it clear that the money, especially in divorces, really does not motivate them… the old “let the loser keep the money, I just want out of this marriage” scenario. Which leads me to my first point… Is the money worth this? Larry seemed to promote the fact that he did not have any money. I don’t think there is any substantial money to be had in this situation and if there is, I really do not think that it is worth all this turmoil and conflict. All money does is make life a bit more comfortable, but it definitely cannot fill the voids that must exist in you and your son from this situation with Larry.
I heard on the radio today that people have an intrinsic need to be recognized for who they are and what they have achieved, especially when they are younger. This leads me to the second point. If you are in this for your son to gain acceptance and cohesion with the Norman family, I do not think you are going about it in the right way. I really don’t think there is a right way actually. There is a catch 22 here. By the reaction of this family, I don’t think you would want to be a part of them if they finally decided to let you in. It would be a dilemma. They have responded the same way Larry has, they really don’t want to be associated with you. And because of this bad response from them, you would come to the conclusion that these are not the kind of folks that you would want to be associated with anyway. It is like being disowned by your parents because you changed your religion or married the wrong spouse. Their response only proves that they really have nothing to offer to the relationship anyway, and it would be better to separate and create a life based on the foundations that you believe in… like it is wrong to abandon your child, even if it is to save your career and reputation.
The last motivation that may be in play here is the desire to have the LN World view Larry as you view him. A friend of mine who owns a good size company has a wife that consistently criticizes him publicly at company gatherings because she is bothered by the fact that all his employees view him with such high regard when she knows that he doesn’t deserve it. She lives with him, at least when he is home (he is a workaholic). So she criticizes him because she wants others to view him as she does… This may be a motive in this situation. Daniel mentioned this in the video, that the world views Larry like some great Christian but he does not see him this way. This motivation is not a very good one. You cannot change the LN fan base one person at a time by sharing the true side of Larry as you know it. Our whole society is based on elevating folks that happen to be good at acting, speaking, or singing. Too bad we don’t feel the same about people who are good at plumbing, carpet-laying and masonry work. This is just the world. It is okay for people to elevate some people. As they get older they will see that all these “Stars” are just flawed humans. This is where Christianity and the cross cultural words of Christ really stand out.
Well, I need to end this. I do not have an easy answer for you. Like I said, I do not think that I could do any better in your situation. But I do believe whole-heartedly that forgiveness is the key to the cell and Christ is the salve for the wound. And when you set someone free by forgiving them, you set yourself free. I am sure there are a lot of better people (pastors) that can give you a path to healing and this is what matters.. Larry is gone, the wounds remain, and the healing doesn’t seem to be coming from the Norman family. I would seek it elsewhere.

Thanks for reading my ramblings,


Anonymous said...

This is very sad indeed, and regardless of Larry's alleged actions undermines the witness and impact Larry still has on people around the world today - shame on you that you went public in this way - and that this has been connected with memorial sites across the globe and God's work.

Shame on you

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel and Jennifer, not sure what sort a support I can provide but I can say that I dont understand why the Norman family doesnt simply allow a test. I guess the fact that he is from USA causes complications and they have I guess, pretty tough laws that protect them. Now Larry is gone and he cannot come good and I am surprised he managed to allow this to pass without addressing it. He could have at any time proved Daniel was his had he wanted I guess. Take heart, Larry didnt come good, but the Larry I met in the 80's was a wonderful man, he certainly has a lot to answer, the truth will set you free, so this test is worth the battle, keep trying, let me know if you ever need a signature. Lawrie

steve said...

I don't believe your story. Everywhere I have read about your comments, there is a request for assistance (look at your own blog). When I read other stories about you, the money theme is mentioned again.

Maa-Nie said...

Hello Jennifer,

How are you doing?
My name is Manuel and I live in the Netherlands.
I was wondering, are there any updates on your situation? The last update you have placed is on june 7th 2008. Is there anything happened between then and now (october 18, 2008) ?
Also I was wondering if you have anymore photo's of Daniel and Larry. I've searched the internet but I can only find the 2 photo's you also placed on this site. Do you haven any video's with Daniel and Larry? I can only find the video you have placed on the internet.

If you want, you can mail me:


ron said...

Jennifer/Daniel as with other rusty old LN fans, I too believe your story to be true. His music and his life did not mesh as well as it should have, his divorces and broken relationships hint at this problem and the fact that they have not dug up the $3000 to follow through with the DNA testing to put to rest this lone charge screams at the fact that they are guilty. I will stand on the side of truth and I suggest that you continue to strive to revealed it Jenniph. If you are having trouble bringing $3000 together then I do see a need for you to request a portion of the LN estate as well. Why should a Christian rock figurehead be allowed an atrocity like this? In the real world it costs real money to raise real children. As a Christian dedicated to truth and the things that are fair and righteous I would love to donate to your cause, ron.


Email me.

NeedingNewReformation said...

Larry Norman was human after all.
As human as Solomon who in his weakness gave in to foreign women that ultimately brought his demise, but do we throw away the Song of Solomon or Proverbs, no, because God's calling and gifts are without repentance.

Larry's sin is not unique to human frailty, but I don't blame Larry alone for his innability to come to grips with the consequences of his sin, but it is to be layed at the doorstep of the church, that even though God is forgiving and merciful, his church isn't as evidenced by the pulling of Sandi Patti's albums from shelves and the boycotting of Amy Grant's albums, and the churches response to countless others who have fallen, yes the church has its own list of unpardonable sins, thus the church forces Christian artists or ministers who want to continue with a carreer or ministry to put up a wall of pretense and silence, and church becomes the place where masks are worn and where everyone has to pretend to be perfect. In today's church Peter never could have continued with a ministry feeding God's sheep. So many fallen soldiers are trampled by selfrighteous pharisees, instead of giving a true hand of forgiveness, assistance and restoration!

NeedingNewReformation said...

What about, “Larry Norman was my father” and because of him, I’m in this world, and God does work all things for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose, why give way to bitterness and rancor, though you may feel totally justified.

Who else was abandoned and forgotten, and not only abandoned and forgotten but betrayed and sold to the enemy by his own brothers, and yet the scripture “When your father and mother forsake you, then the Lord will lift you up” became a reality for him, for his heart was only full of love and forgiveness for those who hurt him, that when they feared his retribution, with tears in his eyes all he could say, was, how could you even think that I could hurt you, for what you meant for evil, God has used for good!

Let go of your bitterness and anger, and let the Lord take you up in his wings of healing and restoration and unfold the plan and path he has for your life, “a plan for good not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope.”

Larry Norman’s book is already written and it’s a mixed bag with mistakes and triumphs, sin and forgiveness, defeat and victory, great achievements and great shortcomings, and all he did will be put to the test and tried as if by fire, and all shall be revealed. But your book my young friend is still being written let the Lord’s guiding hand wipe away your tears and assure you that He is your true father, and you are his poema, His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, forgetting that which is behind go forth towards that which he has laid before you….but let go of the past and forgiving those who have wronged you, you will in turn experience his forgiveness and power!

Anonymous said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but lots of brave women have raised their children by themselves, without any help from the father of their child. Perhaps you should have used contraceptives in order to prevent what happened. Unfortunatly, you share 50% of the blame and I dont see that in what I read.Stop having a pity party alraedy. The dude is dead and I would guess that he was pretty near bankrupt when he did pass, due to his medical bills. Obvioulsly his family will want to hold on to whatever they can keep and if you truly want to persue a piece of the pie then you are going to have to go to Oregon and sue in court. Now that they are no longer releasing so called 'new albums', which was nothing more than the same old music that was recorded over thrity years ago, only in a new album jacket and title, I think their little piggy cd bank is now dried up. I am a little weary of the fact that you waited so long to raise your hand and quite honestly your silence on the matter itself is troubling. $3000 is not a lot of money, so I do have to question your motives. While I like LN's music, I am not a 'born again' person, and I am trying to view this whole situation without a bias. If I am wrong, then you do have my apologies, but please, respond to other questions raised by other readers. As for the hard line the Normans have taken, they, including Larry, did and do the same to the artists that recorded albums on solid rock. Ask Tom Howard, Daniel Amos and randy stonehill about their legal battles to wrest control of their own music. I would encourage the Norman family to also respond, that way they go in the public record with their side. If what you say is true, then you have a long legal battle ahead and you are going to have to decide if such a battle is worth the effort or the money. Methinks not!
Good luck to you and your son.


Anonymous said...

Wow, my father is Larry Norman too. It occurred after aliens took me to the moon, but that's another story. Glad to hear there are others out there who've been kidnapped by the Normans.

Norman was a repitlian. He fathered many children--I have proof. Sworn testimony from 1000s of people. Larry's been doing this for years. Australians, American, Chinese, they are everywhere--all Norman/ reptilians. Its aweful. The governments, the illuminati, and many in the church are responsible.

Protect yourself from the Norman invasion today. Before its too late!!!

jimmie T said...

may you find the peace you seek!

i have found a book called
"a course in miracles" that has helped me reconcile questions about Faith and Truth

supposedly it's a free giveaway to people in australia and new zealand..

these folks can help you locate a place to pick up a free copy or send postage and they'll mail you a free copy...

Anonymous said...

This is just a scam to get people to give money. These people aren't going to use it for a DNA test. Its a scam. There are so many unanswered questions:

If this were true, then why did they wait 18 years to come forward?

If this were true, then where are the photos from Disneyland?

Can they provide any physical evidence at all?

Until there is physical evidence beyond this sad testimony and a fan photo,then one has to ask, is this justone of those Nigerian scams?

Anonymous said...

Honestly I can't see what there is to be gained by pursuing this path.
It's not that I disbelieve you, but I do wonder how you or your son will benefit.

I can't imagine there's piles of money lying around the Norman estate and even if there were as non US citizens your ability to sue for back child support or inclusion in the estate would be severely limited.

A conclusive test would prove, I suppose, that you and Larry sometimes sinned and had broken relationships, and that he could lie, but I'm not sure whether that helps you or your son. At best it would reaffirm that LN wasn't, except for the moment of conception, anything like a "father" anyways so what would be gained? What good is the ability to say, and I'm sorry to be harsh, "My sperm donor was Larry Norman?"

That being said I presume that the Norman family is in a touchy place right now and trying to sort things out. As Christians I think they need to pay attention to these things and the possibility that the one good thing that could come from this, either exoneration of LN or a boy finding a bit of honesty about his existence, might be worth making a reasonable effort to settle this issue once and for all.

Kate said...

I believe you.

Please give us an update.

There is no reason you should be apologetic about your son's rightful claim on the LN estate.

"A good father leaves an inheritance for his children's children."

Again, please give us an update.



Anonymous said...

hey Daniel, your dad really seemed to be a great guy. But then again, he was only a man. Have you ever heard the simmiluar story of Jullian Lennon ? He talks about his dad (the great john lennon) and how he deserted him ? I'm pretty sure your dad loved you very much. It seems it broke his heart emotionally and physically.
A man who does not take care of his own children is worse than an infidel. Your dad knew this and he was torn. I pray you can try and cherish the few good times you had together and take those larry norman dna genes and show us you got it in ya. God Bless You Daniel.
Your newest fan! ;)

Anonymous said...

I've read every comment and so far Todd- - is the most eloquent and correct. Let it go and let God.

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, I know the Norman family, and your story has the familiar ring of truth. Your son also clearly has characteristics of his father. I have always thought the family was, well, a little odd, and Larry was always believing that someone was out to 'hurt him'. Yet he was a beloved and special man, I always felt that his intentions were good. God will sort all that out, though. He knows him better than any of us.
Jennifer, Daniel is God's child. This scenario is a part of His plan for your son's life. My personal opinion is that he may be in a healthier place for having been removed from the Norman family. I sincerely don't say that to be cruel to anyone, but things are not as they appear.
Without saying more, please just know that one more heart is with you and with your son.
An estranged father is something that takes many years to psychologically and emotionally work through. (I had one too) In the end though; you learn that family are the ones who love you, and that your life is yours to live, and only yours. And it is yours become whoever you and God want you to be.
Best of luck in your endeavor.

JB said...

Hello, would you consider taking a personal loan for $3000?

Anonymous said...


It is way passed time for you to give an update to this story. Your silence since June 2008 when you asked for financial help smells a little fishy. You have asked us to listen to your story and care. Well, we did and we do. Now, please, we need to know what has happened and where do things stand currently?

King David was a great hero of faith and wrote many of the Psalms, but he was a TERRIBLE father. So I have no doubt that your story might be true. But can you understand that the longer you keep silent, the more this seems like it is maybe a sad scam?


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, we all have different advice here, and I will speak to you as a single mother in a similar situation. Don't waste another breath on thinking about "what might have been." IMO Larry Norman sounds like he had a narcissistic or similar personality disorder. He was incapable of behaving in a normal way. Now here's my two cents: If you're serious about this, get a LOAN and get the DNA test done. Asking for money here weakens your credibility. Once you get the DNA test done and it proves his paternity, you can take it from there. One thing at a time. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Doug. Please give some noise! 8 months with no information is no good :-( not for you and not for those who care about your situation... God bless!

Anonymous said...

if you are for,s own father wasn,t know GOD is always there.please find your peace with GOD.we all are only here for a short own family,s a wash too.whole families can be lame.i don,t know the normans ,but mybe they,re not worth knowing.i seriously doubt this is about money because i don,t think larry had any in the end.if i were in your shoes i would hire a pi to secretly get some dna from them tv makes this look easy,ggod luck

Anonymous said...

where did u go??was this just a scam 2 come 2 america and u found out that dna can also put your claim 2 rest?

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone :)
Sorry, we are new to all this blogging stuff and had not realised so many people had posted comments here .. The update is, we have made may attempts to contact the family and have had the door shut in our face each time. We have not succeded in contacting Larrys sisters at this stage but are working on it. Charles Norman appointed a lawyer in Salem, who was supposed to "help" with the DNA process , but all he did was avoid our approaches. So some weeks later we appointed a lawyer in Salem who has been acting on Daniels behalf. The Normans remain silent, so Daniels Lawyer issued a summons on the Solid Rock Trust seeking a "declatory judgement" in relation to Daniels parentage. We hope to have an outcome in relation to that in the coming weeks .. In April Daniel and his mother travelled to San Jose for the premiere of the Larry Norman documentary "Fallen Angel:The Outlaw Larry Norman" Daniel appears in the documentary, towards the end .. for more info on the documentary please see Daniel met a lot of former solid rock staff who were very supportive, it is fair to say that Daniel had a sense of closure from attending the premiere
Some who have posted seem to think that this is some sort of scam, I assure you it is'nt. Daniel can bee seen on our youtube at ..
We press on for justice and acknowledgement for Daniel
God Bless .. Andrew, husband of Jennifer

much afraid said...

What a story. Praying you all find some peace and resolution.

I am no longer surprised when I see Christian "heroes" fall from grace. People redeemed have flesh just as fallen as those yet unredeemed.

The true shame now is in the Norman family's machinations to avoid acknowledging Daniel. Give it up, folks; Larry's dead, and the truth will all be known one day anyway. What would it hurt for them to say, Yes, Daniel is Larry's son? (Other than pride?)

Brokenhearted said...

Jennifer,Daniel,(and Andrew),

My heart goes out to you. I believe your story. It's not rocket science, after all. The history of mankind bears out what humans continue to do, from the time Cain killed Abel, to when Abraham slept with Hagar, to Moses' doubts, and so it goes, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. To think you, Jennifer, picked LN out of a hat because you're a gold digger is ludicrous and I do see Larry's traits in Daniel in the you tube video (even though his accent throws us off :) ).
Acknowledgement of the Norman estate to recognize Daniel won't change the past. However, you are entitled to due process and should avail yourself of this, which you are doing, despite the naysayers (who would probably do the same if they were in your shoes..but hey, it's the pot calling the kettle black!!). Maybe this is what God wants for the Norman family, inspite of themselves, to accomplish His will in their lives.

Now for Daniel, I've taken care of many sick people over the years. Know this, someone else has a worse story than you. Chuck Swindoll once said, life is 10% circumstance and 90% how you choose to react. The question for you Daniel is what kind of man will you become? Will you impregnate a woman and abandon the child because you can't sustain a relationship? (rhetorical question not meant to be destructive). Or will you become a great husband and dad?

Above all else, allow God to draw closer to you amidst lifes difficult challenges. It's ok to feel suicidal. The majority of humans feel that way at one point in life so don't feel alone on that one. The trick is not to act on it. If you do, Satan wins...(ultimately this existance is the battleground for the soul and since Satan knows who wins at the end of the game, he's out to get and destroy all he can). Allow God to use your life's trials to bless others. You'd be surprised what God will do through you if you let Him. Give God your bitterness and whatever you have that is holding you back and allow God's love to fill you with joy!! Perhaps you can have a wonderful ministry like your dad (who was a sinner saved by grace but who continued to battle the old nature like we all do). I know his music (and Randy Stonehills, Phil Keaggys etc) helped me along when I was a teenager. Are you musically inclined? Most importantly, is Jesus the Lord of your life. If he isn't, you need to deal with that. To judge your dad on any merit other than being washed in the blood of the Lamb is a disservice to Christs' suffering, crucifixion, death and resurrection. If Christ is in your heart, you'll be reunited with your dad one day and he will acknowledge you and he'll apologize to you...and you know in Heaven, he'll be sincere! :) But moreso, you'll both worship at the Throne of Grace and walk streets of gold together. What could be better than that??...and all of the suffering and joy here on earth will fade away into meaningless insignificance.

Now that I think about it, you should contact Franklin Graham. How do you think he felt having a world famous evangelist father who acknowledged his son but was hardly around to play ball with his son or chase dingo's? :) A father who gave his attention to the strangers of the world more than to his family. Franklin was bitter and rebelled no doubt. But Franklin came through it, with God's help (plus he had a great mom!!).

Anyways, this is a bit of a rambling post but it summarizes my thoughts after reading this blog and watching your youtube video story.

King David was tormented by his sin with Bathsheba and no doubt, your dad was too. So Daniel, you've been "punished" for something that wasn't your fault, and your dad was tormented for shirking something that was his responsibility.

May you know the peace of the Holy Spirit through the blessed Son of God, Jesus Christ, in whom is our hope of salvation and eternal destiny. He is King of kings and Lord of lords, before whom every knee will bow.

Rob and Mary said...

I am a Larry Norman fan. And I know a person who had direct contact with him.
He is a staunch defender of LN. I know he planned to talk to the family about the issue directly.
I never talked to him about the follow up.
Here is what I believe though, after reading the World Magazine article, the facts are there. It is clear that Daniel is Larry's son.
It really is too bad that the family has to continue to defend this.

RW Blake

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a Christian. But I am I suppose a fan of your Dad. I am sure you are aware that larry had a bunch of health issues over the last 20 years including the brain injury. I don't think he did a lot of this stuff on purpose. I think Larry was often confused off the stage. I don't believe he meant this to happen.
I wish I could send some gelt along but I'm on a fixed income these days. That his family would stonewall does not surprise me, they dont know or just dont want to know.
Please stay away from the dark place. Look for the light and the good and dwell there.
I wish you a great life and hope you can love yourself. The heck with them. At this point you dont need the Normans. THEY are of no use to you.

Anonymous said...

More Begging for cash !!! Would not a Job be easier then all this begging for cash..Get a job Begger! if the Job you have doesent supply you with enough cash go get another..Leave this man and his family alone..He is dead..I doubt he really had any kinda money to speak of I think your fighting a losing battle trying to con cash from a dead man..I personally think you should have picked Elvis..The kid actually looks more Like Elvis and the estates more sizablean able to pay off con artist....Happy Begging

Anonymous said...

If the guy was such a bad guy then what where you doing in bed with him ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

I too believe you.
I think your life is a CLASSIC example of 'You made your bed now go lie in it.'

Only in your case it's more like
'You lied in the bed, now make something of it.'

Larry Norman was a rock star. You slept with him.

So far...So Zzzzzz....

But what makes it interesting is that you BOTH were born again believers and you BOTH were STILL married.

You can talk about your marriage
being 'over' all you want. You WERE married at the time and so was he.

That makes you BOTH adulterers.

So, even if you weren't married, you were a mother of THREE small children yet still CHOSE to sleep with a married man.

You need to really be confronted with this.

It is UTTERLY unconscionable no matter how you slice it.

Your son has you to blame for getting sexed up by a man who would do such a thing. Of course, at least you raised your son. Kudos there for sure.

In terms of blame, you & Larry seem equally culpable.

He did not accept the responsibility of his actions. He would not tell the truth because he thought it would hurt his career. Guess what? It hurt his career anyway!

There's a life lesson we can ALL learn from.

So now it's just about getting some money for your son. I don't begrudge you that. But that IS what it is.

I would lose the part about how Larry is such a bad man. Just let it go. It's not nice to speak ill of the dead, he can no longer defend himself and your son should HONOR HIS FATHER for his own sake if nothing else. If he can't say anything good about his dad, then just say nothing.

Just go for the $$.

That's what this is about.

And it's a legit claim.

All the while admit it's YOUR fault you got into this mess by giving it up to a married man.

That is the best way going forward.

You are not a victim.
Your son is for sure.

But either way just proceed with the help of your supportive husband as if it was a straight up business transaction until you get paid.

Don't get mad at Larry's family. They are reacting fairly predictably. Just keep your eye on the ball and then return to a life of normalcy.

And be sure to always give God your best first.

Big Daddy
Ann Arbor Michigan

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen I am in OZ up in Bris I just saw the DVD about Larry and how Larry is the father of your Son Daniel. Fist thing I will add I was very hurt upset at how Larry treated his own son Dan rejecting him at a time a son need his father the most.

Larry and his own Folks we are told are "G-D fearing Chritians"
So what happen to 1 Cor 13 with out love I am nothing!

I know in some way how Dan feels I will go back when I married and had children I wanted to know my past where I came from My roots so my own Childen will have a history to pass down to there children. From age 15 when I came to now my G-D I always beleived Larry even with his mistakes like us all to be a person that was like 1 Cor:13 loving caring and would give you his shirt and would always do the right thing towards others like he tells us in his songs. How wrong was I.

yes to you all who wants to place Larry up as a G-D and and tell me we all sin. yes we all do at time do things we reget but to do the wrong thing and not admit it is somthing else.

Now as I am a Father I could not do this to my children I have so much love for then they like Dan they are our little gifts fron G-D.

Dan I know how it feels in wanting to know your roots and where you come from and how hard it is to get family to tlak But in the end this this your right to know who you are and where you came from.

I read people saying Jen you are after money. Well only you know this but Can we not say the same about the Norman Family as well before and after Larrys death they are still asking for money.

So why are the Normans playing hard ball why are they not doing what is right, do the D.N.A or Do they have a lot to lose if they do so? If not why not do it. I do not want to haer they have nothing as they have a great big family,they have the Church family that can help I can't understand why all of the norman family and I do mean all of the Norman family,the father and mother, brother and sisters cus, aunts, the Church, larry's friends cannot chip in to help Dan in his qest to know 100% if Larry is his father after all if the DNA comes back Positive then Dan has Gained grandparants as with the norman.we should also not forget that dan also has 1/2 brother out there Mick we all know about.Yet the norman family will not chip in and help Dan for a Family who likes us to believe they are all G-D fearing Christians Why have they not helped out with the DNA or even pay for the test them self?

you said you have $350:00 in 2008 saved So how has it gone since then has the DNA Test been done or are the Normans still not wanting to do this for there Grandson?

If it turns out Larry was not the father at lest Dan will know and close this door but if it turns out he is then Dan will get what he wanted closer.

If it was me I would want to know if Dan was my Grandson. We are talking about a ittle amount of money here to give dan what he needs closer $3000 is all it will take not millons of dollers for the test. If The Normans Family are true to what they say they have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. A grandson this is worth more then Gold.

Matthew from Downunder

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen it is now Mid Jan since 2008 is thre an update for us all I heard your stoy been reseaching since last week when I fist read about it and all I like others is an update to The DNA test. Why has this taken so long I see you the normans have fallen silent So to have an update would be a great after all the Normans will not responed regarding the DNA anyway good luck hope to read an update soon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for an update. It has been 9 months since Andrew-Husband of Jennifer wrote one in April 2009. What has happened since then?

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting for an update. It has been 9 months since Andrew-Husband of Jennifer wrote one in April 2009. What has happened since then?

Anonymous said...


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EnGedi said...

Jennifer & Daniel,

I live in Salem, OR & have since 1988 & just want you to know that I've had firsthand personal experience with the late Larry Norman & so have a couple who were once good friends of mine. The husband was a musician & the wife was Jewish. Larry was rude to the both of them... the wife especially.

Larry used to also always come through my line at Payless too & I always used to make smalltalk with everyone... whether they looked affluent or whether they looked haggard & unkempt. I did not show partiality.

But when I asked Larry about his heart condition, he took great offense to me & said, "Did it ever occur to you that maybe the lady standing right next to me might have a heart condition also? Why don't you inquire to her about her heart condition?" I didn't even know who the lady standing next to him was or anything about her, but I had heard that Larry & his father both, had heart conditions.

Also, Larry did some stuff in conjunction with the best church that ever happened to Salem which was called, Our Father's House. The pastor, John Cooke, wanted me to get photos of everyone who was directly or indirectly involved with Our Father's House at the time.

So, I did not approach Larry like I was some crazed groupie fan of his... I simply stated to him my reason for wanting a picture of him & he tried to elude me from that point on. I finally said, if you think I'm just trying to make this all about you, I just noticed your father is here. Could I get a father/son photo instead? Would you be more OK with that? And he was so rude.

EnGedi said...

p.s. I realize Larry had a really tough life... his "Hard Luck, Bad News" song definitely gives one a big glimpse into that truth about the man. In fact, I have recently dated a man who is a musician who has had a childhood every bit as traumatic & nightmarish as Larry's childhood was. This man, like Larry is anti social also. But he has never been rude to me like Larry has been rude to me like Larry was.

So it doesn't give Larry an excuse to treat people the way he did. And... to the person on your blog who tried to shame you... I say shame on him or her for making that kind of awful value judgment about you because the Bible says "He who turns his back on his own flesh & blood is worse than an infidel."

Larry, as much as people looked up to him, treated you & your son in a manner that was worse than an infidel. He cared more about his reputation than his own flesh & blood. Things like that vex & grieve God's Spirit & break God's heart.

But, in an attempt to be of help to you maybe in some small way, I know Larry's mom used to live on Kingwood off of Glen Creek Drive in West Salem. When I met her face to face, she was still alive but very advanced looking in years. She probably is not alive anymore. She struck me as being one who was slipping a bit cognitively & a bit eccentric in an entertaining way, so I wasn't really able to connect with her regarding Larry on the level I would've liked, but she seemed to be friendly enough.

I do not know, however, if she was a good mother to Larry in his formative years. She just seemed to be friendly when I met her. I also know that Larry has a relative who owns & runs the Norman's Farmer's Market on Silverton Rd in Salem. I don't know if he could help you in any way, shape or form. But I wanted to let you know about Norman's Farmer's Market just in case you did not know.

Did you know that Israel made Ofra Haza keep quiet about contracting AIDS from her husband who was a heroin addict? Why? Because Israel did not want a national scandal. Larry has done unto you what Israel did to Ofra. Ofra was not even allowed to seek medical treatment because then the cat might be let out of the bag & it would make Israel look bad.

EnGedi said...

p.p.s. I am very PRO-Israel & not at all anti-semitic, but I still think what Israel did to Ofra was very wrong & she died way before her time of AIDS as a result... not being allowed to seek any kind of proper medical care for AIDS... kind of like your son, not being able to get the medical care he needed right when he needed it because Larry, like Israel, cared more about his reputation than his own flesh & blood & Israel cared more about their reputation than someone who was a national hero to the people of Israel... that person being Ofra.

I am sorry if the information I just gave you is not the least bit helpful or is along the lines of not telling you anything you don't already know... but I hope me replying to you & identifying with your plight has done some good & will make some kind of difference.

I love Larry's music just as much as the next person but I think he definitely had anti-social, misanthropic tendencies while on earth & I'm really surprised that God did not convict him of it somewhere along the way... especially being he had 3 brushes with death or near death experiences & yet pulled through each one of them before finally having his last encounter with death be the final blow that led to his actual death.

I mean, how many times does one person have to have a reality check like that & not want to change his ways & do a 180?! We are not just supposed to love God in the vertical in a vacuum. We are also supposed to love God by loving others... which is on the horizontal. That is the whole premise YWAM was founded on... loving God in the horizontal & not just in a vacuum in the vertical.

God is all about relationship. If a person claims to be God's follower & bondservant, yet he or she does not walk in relational integrity & right relationship with his/her fellow man, then that person doesn't really love God much at all. You only love God as much as you love someone else the LEAST.

That should be a wake up call to us all because we all have people in our lives, if we are truly honest with ourselves, that we don't particularly care for or even people who we can, in all honesty say we don't particularly like or really, God forbid, even, at times hate... again, if we are 100% honest with ourselves & do a fearless & searching moral inventory.

We are all fallen & totally incapable of loving our neighbor as ourselves like God would have us do or to the extent God would have us do. We all fall short in this respect at one point or another.

Jesus or Yeshua said, "Just as you have not done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have NOT done it unto me." But, He also said that whatever you DO do unto others, you do it unto Him. So, whatever we do, or leave undone with regard to our fellow man... it directly correlates with just how much we do, or do not love God.

In fact, the ONLY way we prove our love for God is by how much we love our fellow man. That is the ONLY way by which we can gauge it. So, for anyone to say, "I love God" but then to not do right by his fellow man or to turn his or her back on their own flesh & blood... individuals like that deceive themselves & the truth is not in them.

Larry, again, had 3 reality checks in life to help him learn this lesson. I am forced to think he was a HARD CASE... to put it mildly. Yet... his music was so powerful. Larry was a dichotomy in the fullest sense of the term.

I also recall him charging people more too at his concerts. There was the Gold Circle for people who wanted to be in the front, the Silver Circle for those in the middle & the Bronze Circle for those who couldn't afford to be in the middle or the front.

EnGedi said...

p.p.p.s. I realize a workman is worthy of his hire, but Cliff Richard puts Larry Norman to shame in the respect that when Cliff Richard performed his secular music, he charged people, but when Cliff Richard put on Gospel tours, he did not charge people.

For Larry to want to profit by degrees off of his Gospel music, doesn't exactly sit well with me. I mean, I could see him just charging everyone a flat & affordable fee to attend one of his concerts, but to make people have to pay more just to get good seats... I think that was a bit materialistic on his part.

I also would run into Larry at Lifesource (a healthfood store in Salem) & saw him once at the Olive Garden. He always acted wary of people. I only wanted the chance to explain to him JUST ONCE that the pastor of our church put me up to getting a picture of him & I wasn't some crazed, groupie fan of his.

But he never exuded the kind of body language that even made him appear as someone who was the least bit "approachable." So, after the concert in the downtown Salem Marion Park where I tried to get a father/son photo of him & his father, I never attempted approaching him again... except for when I went to his mother's house hoping to catch him there & finally get a chance to explain it was not my idea but the pastor's idea to photograph him & that I was sorry for giving him so much cause for alarm just because I tried my best to get a pic of him in a way that I was hoping would seem less threatening... by including his father in the pic vs just making it all about him.

Oh well... you can't always have the kind of outcome you hope & pray for. In an ideal world, yes... but in this life... sadly, NO. I hope eventually Larry's surviving family members will be every bit convicted in their spirits in the very same context that Larry resisted the Holy Spirit's leading & that they will acknowledge that your son truly is FAMILY & that they will not be as infidels & turn their backs on their own flesh & blood like the late great Larry Norman has done. They should not be making the same error he did. We are supposed to learn from the mistakes of others vs. turning a blind eye.

Your son is family... & family is supposed to be or blood is supposed to be "thicker than water." This is like the story Anastasia where the Romanovs disowned her as family. This is truly tragic in the fullest sense of the term. The reason this hits so close to home with me is because my own father's mother disowned the daughter I had with him & didn't want anything to do with the daughter I had with her son. She once saw my daughter though & turned as white as a sheet like she had seen a ghost. I think it was then that she realized my daughter bore a striking resemblance to her son when he was the same age.

She attended a Baptist church religiously but she was one of the most bitter, self-righteous, suspicious, quick to presume the worst & judge person I know. She called me a tramp because I had a child with her son out of wedlock. Yet her son had convinced me that I was "the one." So I thought he was the kind who would commit to me. But, he never did. He, like his mother Helga, abandoned us both. So, this really hits close to home with me. My daughter has never known her grandparents on her dad's side as a result. :'(

EnGedi said...

Finally... my name is Joli, but I had to use an e-mail account under a different name because I don't have time right now to open up a Google account.

Need4NewReformation said...

Perhaps they're afraid of the type of woman this is, that has taken her crusade publicly, further hurting the cause of Christ, why didn't she do this while Larry was alive, instead of waiting until he's dead and he can't defend himself, and now this woman's main motivation seems to be $$$$, using her son as a chess piece in what seems to be a money grubbing game. Is it any wonder that Larry's family perhaps wants nothing to do with her, her connection was to Larry, and now he's dead, the connection is gone, let it rest in peace, and quit using his name and past sin and yours too, remember it takes two to tango, i don't hear that he forced you to have sex with him, and what if you were the one who seduced him, and then purposely got pregnant to try to get a payday out of it...only God knows how culpable each one let it rest an go on with your life....what do you gain by your continual harrasement of the Normans and dragging Larry's name through the mud?

Need4NewReformation said...

And as far as turning their back on "family is worse than an infidel"' first of all the scripture is, "he who doesn't provide for his own household, is worse than an infidel" it's talking about your own hosehold, a husband a wife, the children they have together, if this woman cared so much for this child, then why didn't she make sure she was married before having sex, instead of behaving like a groupie, these are the consequences of her sin, take your medicine and quit blaming others, as far as Larry let God judge the dead, but the surviving Normans are not beholden to you or your child, if you wanted a relationship with them, you totally went about it the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

you know there was a time I belived what was being told but that was 2008 and now it is 2010 and we have no update that i can find on the web regarding this D.N.A but you keep asking for money but you never reply back with an update so where is all this money you are getting going to who is the one telling the truth as for me i now past no judgment on Larry and untill you can prove your clam I know ask if you were only out for money but that is only my opinon nothing more or nothing less only you know and as for me you will never see 1 cent from me and I hope there are othere out there can see the same and not give you one cent till we see that you are telling the truth about the D.N.A Test. cheers from Downunder

Anonymous said...

From Andrew : Firstly, my apologies for not updating this site, most of the discussion happens at other places and I was not aware people were posting here.
Daniel's lawyer was successful in gaining access the Daniels father's will. Larry's promise to Jennifer was that we would include him in his will at that that inclusion would be his acknowledgement. There were 4 versions of the will. Daniel is mentioned in versions 1 and 2 to receive 1% of his father's estate (yes, you read right 1% !) subject to his trustee establishing parternity, so even in his will Larry seeks to not take responsibility for his son. If he had doubts he had 18 yrs to do something about it, he chose not to. Versions 3 & 4 write Daniel out of the will. Version 4 was written a few days before Larry died, leaving his estate to Michael, Charles and Kristen.
On advice of the lawyer, we applied to have the case "dismissed without prejudice". It can be reopened at a later date. We hope to press on to get a declatory judgement that Daniel is Larry's son at a later time.
We are working on a little dna project, we will post the results at yahoogroup larrynormandebate in about a week, and possibly a link here as well. We are not seeking any further donations. I am not a very "techno" person, so when I can work how to close the donate button I will .. Thank you for your interest.
God Bless Andrew

Anonymous said...

Intresting to note you give a link but not able to see this site yahoogroup larrynormandebate I need appproval. so i applyed to be apart of this group but I still am not given appproval. Why is this?

Anonymous said...

Andrew you say you are at yahoogroup larrynormandebate Why are you not allowing me to br apart of your group? I am still waiting for you to allow me to be apart are you for real or is this just all a show ? I see you still are asking for money but you will not allowe us to be apart of your group. Matthew

sandrabullock said...

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Aretha said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am not a very "techno" person, so when I can work how to close the donate button I will .. Thank you for your interest.
God Bless Andrew

July 24, 2010 4:56 PM

What a great spin Hogs has to face the Tax man and you are getting away with this scam and I willl call it a scam as this has been going on now since 2008 You had nor props setting this up but now you are say you are not tec. I am sure the people you and your wife nows and the back tthis goes to can place a stop But why would you want this it is free tax dollers you do not need to work for it. So this is how God work in the 21st cent- set up a scam to see what you can scam from others I think Australian Tax Office suold be doing to you what they are doing to Paul Hogon who place Australia on the made. we are now in Sept and we can not gain acsees to your other sit you say we can go to for update. and you still have the donate button still on this site. so to try and show us your are for real you place a little B.S to feed us and hope to get the dumb one to be stuped and hand you money I have been following you and your wife since Larry died and there is no update coming as I think you know why so as long as you can keep this scam going you will be happy to take the tax free doler for anyone around the world.


Anonymous said...

@Matthew .. I dont know why you would be having trouble joining the yahoo group ( I dont own it btw) there are two groups at yahoogroups larrynormandebate, the owner requires people to join. The other is larry_norman's_son_daniel at yahoogroups, the owner of that one just needs an email address and click on join .. hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Be very carful Folks do you know Jen has given two versions of her clam. I will pull them up and post here so you understand. they are never going to take down Donation on there sites why would they it is all tax free dollers but let inform you before giveing money Jen changed the wording after it was proven the dates were wrong be very carful do not be a silly and give let your head rule not the heart.

Anonymous said...

Andrew I need to say sorry about everything I have got on the site O.K and must say you have our suport and belive what Jen and dan has told as all emails from Larry Norman to ,dan by saying love dad So Larry has addmitted to being the father so this explans alot. again from us all we are truly sorry and hope you, Jen, and Dan find it in your heart to forgive us for not believing in you.


Anonymous said...

@ Matthew .. Thanks Matthew for your kind words .. God Bless you .. We press on for acknowledgement for Daniel and are confident that God will bring the truth to light "The Lord has his way in the whirlwind and the storm" Nahum 1:3
Thanks again Matthew :)


Fehrion said...

"There were 4 versions of the will. Daniel is mentioned in versions 1 and 2 to receive 1% of his father's estate (yes, you read right 1% !)"

Maybe this isn't all about money.

Anonymous said...

If this were all about money, don't you think they'd be asking for more than $3k?

Fehrion said...

$3K is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

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anon said...

I know what Jennifer and Daniel are saying to be true.

Over several years I observed the struggle between Jennifer and Larry (so Jennifer didn't simply wait to go public till after Larry's death).

Larry did make a few monetary contributions to Jennifer during the early 2000's to assist with some of her day to day costs.
The money wasn't big or frequent ( a few hundred dollars a year maybe) but his gestures seemed to me to be symbollic is an unspoken obligation. A man fighting to quieten the guilt that lies within him.

Anyway, I hope that Daniel finds peace and that all this "stuff" washes over him.

I hope everyone can put things down and get on with lifeas it is way too short to waste on just being right.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're full of it, Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

You are so full of crap Jennifer... lies, defamation, and still asking for money for a test you won't take.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, Randy Stonehill divorced his first wife Sarah after affair with Larry Norman in 1979-1980.
oh and btw, your yahoo account is not so, I tried to email you and you do not have yahoo account.
If you actually had affair with Larry in late 80's that would mean that Larry had affair on his 2nd wife Sarah with you. and that would have been after Larry's son Michael was born in 1985.
Trying to piece together what makes sense, and that's not to say no affair occurred or that Daniel is not Larry's son.
Usually one affair begets another and another. Ask Sandi Stonehill, she knows first hand.
I do feel for Daniel, I have been in his position. -Buck
BTW, since your yahoo account is fake, you know it makes me question your well of information posted.

Anonymous said...

I am late comer like buck.
yes, this indeed could be a scam to bilk people out of money.
I found out that the yahoo address is obsolete. IT DOES NOT EXIST!
If this woman is so bent on financial assistance from everyone, why is her yahoo account gone? I too feel for Daniel if it is a true story.
This woman has not given any updates, that should further turn a light on that it could very well be a scam and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these posts of support actually originate from a Mr. DDS.

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Anonymous said...

It would not surprise me if this story about Larry Norman is all true. It makes me glad that almost everyone I ask, even Christians, doesn't even know who Larry is.
My advice to everyone is, if someone comes up to you acting like he is some sort of messiah, some sort of divine messenger, tell him to fuck off, even if he has long golden hair, dresses in tight denim and looks like some sort of handsome rebel hero. They're in it for money and pride.

Anonymous said...

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Mark Hilbrink said...

To all concerned, as a 30-plus-year-long Larry Norman fan, I find this news quite devastating and sad. And yet Jennifer's story sounds undeniably legit to me...

Jennifer and Daniel, I am SO sorry this has all transpired. But just know that however man (and even "men of God") may fail you, never will. So never run from Him! I wish I could help you myself, but our finances are not able at this time. My wife and I will indeed pray for you two, however! :-) -- Mark H., northern IL, U.S.

Bobbie said...

I wonder how many of these posts of support actually originate from a Mr. DDS.

echurchofindy179 said...

Daniel, Just a suggestion. I would challenge you to consider using the seed within you, and pick up a folk guitar and become a singer/songwriter like your father. Grow your hair long, dress like him, title your first album: "I AM THE SON OF LARRY NORMAN". Believe it or not, it WILL sell. Then with the proceeds, go after your rightful inheritance.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling bullshit on this. Larry definitely had his problems, but the whole time Larry was alive there was time to get a DNA test and Daniel's mom never did. She waits until after Larry died to bring all this up? And then the story she tells keeps changing. Granted, this is within the realm of being possible, but the story from the mother, when cross referenced with the Norman family's Email proof of Larry demanding a DNA test before he died, and the mother's refusing to do so, sends any thinking person's BS alarm off.